Public Outcry As "Lads On Bus" Video Appears Online.

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Public Outcry As "Lads On Bus" Video Appears Online. by Freshairnews on Mixcloud

The men’s hockey team at the University of Stirling has been brought into disrepute after a video appeared online reportedly showing members of the team chanting offensive songs on a local bus service.

During the incident, which happened on the number 63 local bus, the students describe female customers arriving at a department store and being treated in a crude manner.

In one verse they sing “a lady train she wanted…a miscarriage she got.”

The video of the incident has been shared across social networking sites with some branding it a “shockingly misogynistic public display from Stirling students.”

It shows members of the team singing “I used to work in Chicago” and was recorded on Wednesday 6th November. It was uploaded to YouTube on Monday 11th.

The video was uploaded by “Camarua”, a final year student, who asked to remain anonymous but spoke to Fresh Air News:

“I felt threatened and saddened by such an aggressive attack on women. I could not believe some of the things they were chanting, they were so extremely vile, hateful and demeaning.”

A spokesperson for First Scotland East who operate the bus route said,

“We have been made aware of a video filmed on one of our buses in Stirling. We were extremely disappointed that a number of individuals participated in singing a highly offensive song.

“We do not tolerate such behaviour on our buses and are currently assisting the University of Stirling and its Student Union body with their investigations.”

However the video has prompted wide spread discussion on social networking sites around “lad banter.” Camarua continued:

“Once the chants escalated I was glad that this was something I was able to capture on camera because making it public is only way of getting people to talk about it and really think about whether these kinds of chants can be considered ‘a bit of banter’, which is what lad culture is often brushed off as.”

Ivelina Georgieva, a 4th year criminology student, spoke of how “shocked” she was when the video was shared with her:

“I felt pure disgust and I could not comprehend why someone would even dare singing such phrases,”

The bus was full of students and members of the public and Ivelina went onto tell Fresh Air News,

“I also felt extremely worried about other people and friends that were travelling on this bus. I cannot even begin to imagine how would a woman who has been through a violent relationship/rape or miscarriage would feel.”

The effects of the video have also been felt by the wider university community. Andrew Wilkie graduated from the University in 2010:

“It’s not necessarily the words of the song that offend me - I have heard worse songs sung. It is the complete lack of thought towards others on the bus that annoys me.”

Wilkie played for the team while he was studying at university leaving them in 2009. He went onto explain why he left the team,

“Perhaps individually some of them are nice lads but put them in a group and they become nasty, inconsiderate little boys who need to grow up. Their behaviour was anti-social and possibly very intimidating to others in the bus. I left the team at the end of 2009 for slightly similar reasons to those I’ve mentioned”

However not everyone shares this view. Some social media users have put the behaviour down to acceptable “lad banter”. Michael McFarlane graduated from the University last year and took to twitter with his views. He told us,

“To me, these boys are students, singing crass innuendos (not all gender-based, by the way) on a bus, and the discussion would be better served if it was related to their loudness and crassness on public transport.

I don’t have a problem with people at least questioning the guys over the loudness of their behaviour on public transport. I do have a problem with radical, permanently-offended people declaring them misogynists, racists and would-be rapists because of the content of their jokes.”

The University of Stirling is investigating the incident, a spokesperson for the University said:

“The University of Stirling has been made aware of a video pertaining to feature its students and is now investigating this further. The University takes incidents of this nature very seriously and where appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.”

The video’s upload comes ahead of a debate tomorrow to be held by the Stirling University Politics Society in which the president of the men’s hockey team is due to debate lad culture with other members of the university community.

View the video here. Please note - the footage contains strong language and content which viewers may find offensive.

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