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Music To Help You Study. by Freshairnews on Mixcloud

Your Facebook newsfeed has never looked so interesting, and it’s finally the perfect time to start that series you’ve been meaning to watch for months… it must be exam time.

To coincide with the revision season, this week it’s been in the news again that music might provide the inspiration that students need for revision. Whether you’re listening to the driving beat of Daft Punk or the soothing chords of some Ed Sheeran, both have an effect on your brain that is not seen in any other animal.

And here’s the science bit:

When you listen to music, a part of your brain called the nucleus accumbens activates. This triggers the release of the “pleasure chemical” dopamine, the same chemical that is released when you eat your favourite food or when you get a new follower on Twitter, causing you to want more.

Plenty of studies have been undertaken to prove the effect of music. Workers on assembly lines have proven to be happier and less prone to making mistakes if they were allowed to listen to music, babies are thought to be smarter if they’re lulled to sleep to some Mozart, and students are thought to be more inspired and productive if they work to music.

So FreshAir News has created our very own revision playlist to put you on the right track. Here are our top ten tracks to get you through your exams:

1. Survivor – Eye of the Tiger


2. Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive

There is no better way to start a day at the library.

3. Mozart – Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Psychologists say it helps, why not give it a go?

4. Diana Ross – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Try climbing Arthur’s seat for some fresh air.

5. Imagine Dragons – On Top of the World

Summating Arthur’s seat…

6. Ludovico Einaudi – I Giorni

If music with lyrics is a bad move, give this a shot.

7. Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Atlas Hands

A calming recommendation from listener @suzeysays.

8. Greig – Peer Gynt, Op.23, Morning Mood

Recommended listening when opening your curtains.

9. Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up

To motivate you in the search for a computer at central library.

10. Bing Crosby – It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

There’s a light at the end of the revision tunnel!

What songs would you like on the list?

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