Edinburgh Students Occupy Uni to Support Pay Rise

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Students at The University of Edinburgh are occupying the University’s Finance Director’s office to demand the uni uses its wealth to increase staff pay.

Kirsty Haigh, Edinburgh University Students’ Association Vice President of Services has posted on her official Facebook page:

“I’m currently with lots of other students occupying the University Finance Directors [sic] office.

We’re demanding that the University use its wealth and influence to argue for real term increases in University staff pay and that the pay ratio between the lowest and highest paid staff is reduced to 10:1. (Our principal gets paid £227, 000).

Universities need to value their staff and our education.”

Picture uploaded by students to encourage others to support the occupation

It comes the day before members of Unison, the University and College Union, Unite and the Educational Institute of Scotland walk out on strike in an ongoing dispute over pay. Haigh continued:

“Our University staff are striking tomorrow and you should support them by not going to class and even better, join the picket lines.”

EUSA President, Hugh Murdoch, has released a statement of support to the students involved in the occupation:

“Staff at Edinburgh University have undergone real term paycuts of 15% over the past 4 years. We support the strike and students’ right to protest. To ensure the welfare of students involved in the occupation we will be working with them and the University throughout the occupation.”

A University spokesman said:

“The University respects the rights of groups to voice their concerns, as long as points of view are put across in a safe and lawful way. The discussions on pay in the higher education sector are being conducted at a UK-wide level, with ongoing dialogue between unions and the Universities & Colleges Employers Association.”

Tomorrow’s strikes follow earlier walk-outs on October 31 which affected universities across the UK. EUSA supports the strikes.

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There will be a full round up of the strikes and the latest from the occupation on FreshAir News on Wednesday from 5pm.

Do you support the occupation and the staff on strike?

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