5 Edinburgh Clubbing Alternatives

5 Edinburgh Clubbing Alternatives by Freshairnews on Mixcloud

For most students, going clubbing is the go-to activity for pretty much every occasion. Clubbing can take its toll physically, mentally and worst of all financially! But do not fear Emma Glicher has some alternative ideas for your night out that won’t break the bank.

Disco skating

What’s better than disco dancing? Disco skating of course! Murrayfield Ice Rink every Friday and Saturday 7:30pm - 10:00pm and only £8!

Have a TV / Movie Night

It’s free, easy and the next day you won’t feel like you want to hibernate for a month. Grab your duvet, whack that popcorn in the microwave and spend a quality night in with your TV. (Friends and flatmates optional)

Soak in some culture

Whether it’s a trip to the cinema, theatre, quiz night comedy club or galley, Edinburgh has so much on offer. The Lyceum Theatre have student tickets from only £7.50 on the night. For the extra special movie night there is even a special outdoor cinema outside the airport in time for valentine’s day.

See the spooky side of Edinburgh

Experience Edinburgh’s historic and mysterious streets and alleyways as your local guide brings to life tales of the city’s supernatural past and present. It’s not your typical student evening but give it a go - IF YOU DARE!

Come dine with me

Star in everyone’s favourite comedy cooking programme by hosting your own come dine with me in your flat. But let’s be honest you’ll all be winners as you won’t be eating something that was cooked in 4 and a half minutes in the microwave.

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