T in the Park Future In Doubt

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The future of Scotland’s biggest music festival looks uncertain due to a potentially dangerous oil pipeline running under the festival site.

T in The Park, which is held in Balado, Perthshire, attracts over 80,000 music fans each year and this year will see the Arctic Monkeys headline.

However beneath part of the festival site is the BP Forties oil pipeline which carries oil from the North Sea to a petrochemical plant in Grangemouth.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have warned an accident could cause “a large number of casualties” and result in people receiving “a dangerous dose of thermal radiation”.

Aerial View of T In The Park Site

Glasgow based festival organisers, DF Concerts, are looking into the possibility of rearranging the festival site to avoid the area around the pipe which currently is used as a car park during the July event.

As yet they have not been able to successfully change the layout and are looking at the possibility of changing venue next year (2015).

A spokesperson for DF Concerts said; “Throughout the years T in the Park has gone through a meticulous system of planning and safety checks which we have always passed, including this year.

“Nothing has changed in the last few years except HSE protocol. The pipeline remains in the same position as always, which means that it also continues to run underneath schools and Aberdeen airport’s runway.

“Over the last couple of years we have complied with the change in HSE protocol by reorienting parts of the site to move away from the exclusion zone.

“Everyone from the Scottish government to the HSE have approved of this and we will continue to shift the site as required and dependent on our needs.”

The event license for this year’s event will be decided upon by Perth and Kinross council this week but organisers are applying for a temporary 2014 license only.

Last year the event was headlined by The Killers and Rihanna. This year’s full line up is yet to be announced.

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