Ukraine Protests - the Student On the Street

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The unrest started late last year. In November protesters clashed with police; demonstrating against the Ukranian government after a decision to delay a deal to strengthen ties with the EU. they gathered in Independence Square, in central Kiev. It was described as like a vision of hell, with violence breaking out, protestors throwing petrol bombs, and police responding using batons, tear gas…and more recently, live ammunition.

In January two protesters were killed in the capital Kiev - that number is now thought to be more than 100. Protesters remained on the streets in defiance of the government and new laws passed to try to get rid of them. And this month, as the disruption escalated. there were shootouts between protesters and police - who are alleged to have used snipers to shoot protesters.

Over the weekend President Viktor Yanukovych fled the presidential compound by helicopter, as protesters held their ground in independence square. He’s since been dismissed, and the former speaker of the parliament has taken charge. The former President is still on the run.

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