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The current Students’ Association Vice President of Services, Kirsty Haigh, has been nominated to stand for President of the Association for the next academic year.

FreshAir News can confirm that she has been successfully nominated but may not be able to stand due to rules set out in the Laigh Year Regulations.

The regulations govern the taking of a Sabbatical year from studies at University.

The regulations set out that:

“No student may be granted more than one Laigh Year under these regulations.”

In a recent interview with FreshAir News Miss Haigh said:

“I’m not really looking forward to going back to being a student. I’ve really enjoyed having a job and actually getting to do things as opposed to learning about doing things. But part of me thinks it would be a very good idea to move away from EUSA, allow the new people to take over you know and kinda have their say.”

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Speaking to FreshAir News, Former Vice President Services Max Crema (pictured with Ms Haigh) said there was a contradiction between the Laigh Regulations and the new EUSA Constitution which does allow two-year Sabbatical Officers.

He described the contradiction as an “oversight,” saying that, “we’ve broached the subject of two year sabbaticals with the University before and they’ve never had a problem with it.”

He said the Laigh regulations would only come into force if Kirsty Haigh was to petition the University for a Sabbatical from her studies. Ms Haigh is yet to officially confirm her candidacy.

Mr Crema ended by saying: “They can refuse to allow her to return to her studies after her year as a Sabbatical but can’t choose to prevent her from serving as President. I don’t know why they would do this but it would be theoretically possible.”

In a Facebook status on his own page, Mr Crema commented:

“The Leigh [sic] year regulations have been imposed on us by the university. No student has ever voted on them. I don’t think we should let the university dictate who can and can’t run when the constitution we voted for allows two year sabbs. The reason they probably don’t want two year sabbs is that they’re more effective!”

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