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All the audio of successful Sabbatical candidates, our live Twitter feed, and a comprehensive summary of events on the night

LATEST: Tommer Spence Disqualified

Update from Hugh Murdoch, confirms that a candidate was disqualified and is appealing the decision. Because of this, the announcements of VPS and VPSA winners will be postponed…

Hugh Murdoch Update on Elecrtion 2014 by Freshairnews on Mixcloud


President: Briana Pegado

Briana Pegado elected EUSA President 2014 by Freshairnews on Mixcloud

Vice President Academic Affairs: Dash Peruvamba

Dash Peruvamba elected Vice President Academic Affairs by Freshairnews on Mixcloud

Vice President Services: Tasha Boardman

Vice President Societies & Activities: Eve Livingston

Turnout for whole election: Just under 5,000 (2013: 6,153)

Listen & Watch: Edinburgh Question Time - The Sabbatical Debates 2014:

Edinburgh Question Time by Freshairnews on Mixcloud

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Below: Pictures of Edinburgh Question time (#EdQT) and Election Results Night 2014

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