RESULTS NIGHT LIVE : Scotland Decides

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RESULTS NIGHT LIVE : Scotland Decides

LAST UPDATED - [19/09/14] [11:47]

Two and half years of passionate and emotional campaigning have come to an end and it is now time to find out what Scotland has decided. We have the latest results night news from our team of reporters including Rosie Gillott live from the official Edinburgh Count and Scottish Independence Referendum Count Collation Event in Edinburgh.

  • Scotland votes No to independence with 55% voting no and 45 % voting Yes.
  • A massive 84% of the electorate turned out to vote.
  • Now attention turns to the future devolution for Scotland.


10:00PM - Polling stations are now closed. Sue Bruce, Counting Officer for the City of Edinburgh, addresses the counters in the Highland Hall at Ingliston and officially starts the count. Postal votes will be counted until the ballot boxes containing votes cast today arrive.

10:50PM The ballot boxes from the Edinburgh area arrive at Ingliston to be counted.

11:30 Rosie chats to Charles, a Counting Agent, to find out what his job involves.

11:50 Rosie chats to some members of the Scottish Youth Parliament about the involvement of 16 year olds in the referendum and their right to the vote.

1:00 Turn Outs are starting to come in thick and fast! All have been around the 80% mark with Clackmannanshire seeing the highest turnout so far of 88.6%

1:30 The first results are in! Clackmannanshire voted 16,350 Yes to 19,036 No. That’s a 53.7% victory for No.

1:50 Rosie talks to Dr Colin Fleming, a Politics and I.R. lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, about the future of defence in the event of a Yes, or a No, vote.

_2:00 Results are in for Orkney. 4 883 Yes votes to 10 004 No votes, giving No the victory at 67%. Orkney were expected to vote No so not many surprises yet but will there be more in store?

2:40 Results are in for Shetland. 5 669 for Yes to 9 951 for No. That makes it 3 for Better Together so far.

3:05 Results are in for the Western Isles, delivered in both English and Gaelic. Yes received 9 100 to 10 144 for No. Overall results stand at 36 097 for Yes compared to 49 535 for No.

3:37 Inverclyde announce their results and its very close. With just 86 votes in it, No wins with 27 329 compared to Yes’s 27 243.

4:20 A flury of results bring the first victories for the Yes campaign in Dundee and West Dunbartonshire but overall results still sit in favour of No at 53% compared to 47% for Yes after 12 out of 32 areas have declared their results.

05:00 Lots of results coming in now. We are keeping you updated on our twitter feed which you can view below.

06:00 Edinburgh Votes No with 194 638 to 120 927 for Yes. Turnout in Edinburgh was 84.4%

07:00 MP’s from Kenya are in Edinburgh to observe the vote.

08:00 The final result has been announced in Edinburgh, Scotland has decided no to independence with 1 617 989 vote for Yes (45%) and 2 001 926 (55%) for No. The overall turnout was 84.59%.

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