Fresh Air hosts Detour's Wee Jaunt

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On 4th June, hosted one of the stops on Detour Scotland's Wee Jaunt around Edinburgh. Hosted by BBC Radio 1's Ally McCrae, Detour have been taking lucky Edinburgh music lovers around the capital showcasing new Scottish music in unusual locations, one of which was's own courtyard.

Luke Joyce aka I Build Collapsible Mountains kicked things off with a phenomenal acoustic set whilst perched on the roof of a shed in the Pleasance courtyard. The setting was perfect and Luke's performance fantastic, his voice carrying perfectly whilst an appreciative crowd gathered round the shed adorned with Fresh Air banners.

After a three song set, Luke got down off said roof and the crowd headed round to the front of the courtyard where they were greeted by a surprise act. A rather excellent dubstep DJ, TeKlo, had been under the arches, shrouded from view the whole time. As Ally put it, he was there "to showcase the diverse nature of Edinburgh's music scene."

McCrae said he was "delighted" with how the day had gone so far, whilst Vic Galloway was excited to be reading a story and a poem to the crowds later in the trip. He was also interested to hear how Fresh Air was doing and asked to be invited back for the station's 20th birthday celebrations this year.

For more information on Detour Scotland and for videos from the whole day, visit

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