Ketchup? Or salt and sauce?

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by Vikki Graves, Feature Reporter This weekend there is no need to feel guilty if you succumb to the lure of the chip shop on the way home from a night out. In fact, the consumption of deep fried potatoes is to be actively encouraged. That’s right, it’s National Chip Week! The campaign is represented by the legendary Keith Chegwin, who is in Glasgow today to award the coveted Cheggers’ Perfect Portion award to a great Scottish chippy nominated by you.

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If you can’t make it to Glasgow, you can show your support by tucking into your own perfect portion. Your efforts will help raise the profile of the humble British spud. And for those of you worried about the impact of your post-pub snack on your waistline, fear not. Chips can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet – one portion contains one third of your recommended daily vitamin C intake and less fat than a prawn mayonnaise sandwich. And did you know that if you laid all the British potatoes that are used to make chips each year end to end then they would stretch around the world 76 times? No? Well, check out for National Chip Week information, news on Cheggers’ award winners and even more fascinating facts.

Comments?  Should chips be promoted like this?  How does this tie in with Scotland’s health problem?

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