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by TJ, News Team Wizard

Each week I’ll be bringing you my top tips on days out and tourist attractions in and around the Edinburgh area.  My three top tips this tuesday are 1) Secret Bunker, 2) Teddy Bear and Doll Museum, 3) Edinburgh Zoo

1.    SECRET BUNKER It is located 7.3 miles south of St. Andrews in Fife.  This tourist site is well worth the price of admission:  £7 adults, £4 children, and group bookings are also available.  You will be going back in time, not as far as the Ice Age, but the age of press the button and end it all time.

The bunker was completed by the early 1950’s, it was one of seven and this one is the largest.

The atomic bomb was a real threat in these days, and Government officials needed a place to flee to if necessary. Just as it was then is how you will observe it today.

The opening date is the 13th of March and lasts until the 2nd of November. Daily Opening Times:  10:00 A.M – 5:00 P.M.

2.      TEDDY BEAR AND DOLL MUSEUM This superb museum is located on 200 High Street in Musselburgh. Just as the name implies it is full of teddy bears and dolls from many time spans. There are loads toys, coin collections, and the like, and also includes donated items from visitors around the globe

Lots of the population of Edinburgh and even Musselburgh do not know about this fabulous place.

There is no admission price but I certainly would pay to be in this converted church next to its owners who have an Italian restaurant.

An onsite restaurant also serves your hunger needs and of course it is wheelchair friendly just like the staff.  Any age group would appreciate what is on offer as it helps you relax and slow down our rat race life?

Opening hours and days change from time to time but a safe bet is never on a Sunday.

Please dial Edinburgh 0131 665501 for more details.

3. EDINBURGH ZOO Loads of leaflets around the town will tell you all you have to know about this world class zoo that was opened in 1913.

And the contact telephone number is:  0131334 9171.  Admission prices for entry into the zoo:   Adult £12.50 Children £8.50 Concession £10.50 It is best to inquire about yearly membership, usually less than the price of 5 individual admissions.  And of course Family memberships are also available either daily or yearly.

By far, to see the Penguin Walk is worth the price of admission.  The rock hopper, gentoo, and king all get there chance to go for it on this half mile lap…

About 2:00 P.M. in the afternoon they start to get it on with the walk.  Any penguin who wants to get it on can go. No one is forced to walk the circuit.  There can be as few as zero or as many as 50 nobody knows until that enclosure gate is swung open.

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