GM Shambles as EUSA Fail’s to Engage Students

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A poor turn out was seen at the EUSA General meeting last night despite many controversial motions brought for debate. The meeting was rendered pointless, falling far short of the 300 students needed to make the meeting quorate. Therefore any decision reached last night was not a binding mandate for the EUSA sabbatical officers but it did give a rough idea of student opinion for the Sabbaticals to act on in future. The lack of real student involvement was surprising as the motions brought forward for debate had been well publicised.

Of the seven motions discussed, three were proposed by presidential candidates in the up coming elections. Thomas Graham suggested a mini bus for societies, Liz Rawlings called for improved feed back and Oliver Mundell wanted fairer fees for medical students, each motion received support. It has been suggested that the General Meeting has become the arena for hopeful Sabbatical candidates to publicise themselves and this year was no different.

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A motion to change EUSA’s current constitution to assist the union in applying to the licensing board for a renewed licence for KB Bar was the most effectively advertised motion and the one that the majority of students at the meeting were most interested in. Vice President of Services George Thomas encouraged people to attend the meeting with his ‘Save KB Bar’ campaign. It was evident that a vast majority of people at the meeting were KB students who had turned out to save the bar, and were disappointed when the official motion could not be passed due to poor turn out.

Historically low turn out at both EUSA’s AGM and GM’s shows that students feel the association is not effectively engaging with them. It seems from frustrated debate about online referendums at last nights meeting, EUSA remains unclear on how to effectively include students in its decision making process.

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