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by TJ, Newsteam Wizard and Tourist Tipster…

Another week, another selection of my favourite tourist locations in and around Scotland’s majestic capital city.  This week I have chose St. Serf’s Players, Steptoes and the City Cafe.

1.    ST.  SERF’S   PLAYERS This 60 year old Church Hall is located adjacent to St Serf’s Church.  It has been a great inspiration for thousands of amateur thespians.  All of them got it on for every type of play or act imaginable.

The hall is also available for rent when there are dark days. (No performances scheduled)

Mrs. Lorna Wright helps out at the playhouse and the church and is definitely a guiding light for both venues.

On this visit we were treated to a three play extravaganza, admission was £8 - not bad for all of this.

The first play was entitled “Reflection” and was about the dealings of a man that could not see his face in any mirror.  It was most intriguing and well performed by all of the cast members.

Two plays followed this one and were very well executed, and each was dealing with very different situations.

A lot of folks call these performers beginners - far from the truth as I could not spot the difference.  However, after all the plays were concluded Mr. Brian Marjoribanks marked everyone’s cards.

And to top the night off, my girlfriend purchased £1 worth of raffle tickets, and we both walked away winners with our fine bottle of wine. Isn’t life grand!

To get more info…telephone 0131 5523079 or log on to .

2    STEPTOES Just like the name suggests, this shop buys and sells used furniture and other items.  Sometimes new things can also become available for sale.

To get here simply take 161 steps eastward from Newington road on East Preston Street, and look for the big blackboard in front.  And if passing by car or bus just look up and see the new offers that are posted daily.

Today, I spoke with the owner, Mr. Tim Jones, who has been having fun here for the last ten years.  Unlike antique shops, or charity shops, goods purchased from Tim can be re-sold when you grow tired of them.  Mostly students take advantage of this situation. Sort of like recycling at its finest New articles arrive daily, and to quote Tim, “I do not want to have a museum here; all prices posted are as low as I can go”.  Looking around I see beds, cabinets, chairs, office chairs, tables, fireplaces, a rare piece of art, you name it.

Delivery can also be arranged if needed, for about £15 minimum depending on the distance and how much you have purchased.

It has it all, and when you visit you can also pet his ever so gentle dog, named Floyd.

Opening hours: 11:00—17:00 Tues—Saturday, need more call 0774 706 4470

3.     THE CITY CAFÉ Upon entering this business place for the first time this feeling of tranquillity hit me instantly.  This unique place is located at 19 Blair Street.

In its heyday some 20 years ago, anybody who was anybody had to be here, thespians, musicians, show people, and the like.

Nowadays the trade has changed but come festival time the grand prix feeling returns.  Even today there are signs of a revival of the good ole days.  The customers now are a 50-50 mix of students and others.  No matter your age this café caters to all who enter.

Back to the feel good factor, I just can’t put my finger on it, perhaps the two fish tanks on display calms one down or maybe the architecture  and motif of the place, who knows who cares?

Personally, I have visited this café about ten occasions.  As for the schedule of events: Sunday brings out the local musical talent, Wednesday good old salsa for all ages.  The cellar is the place this is all happening and can be booked on other nights for meetings, a rehearsal room, whatever you desire.

Mr. Matt Armstrong, who works behind the bar and also serves food, gave me the grand tour.

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