Thomas Graham elected President of EUSA

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by Emma Langman, FreshReporter

After a hard-fought month of election campaigning, the new EUSA (Edinburgh University Student Association) committee has finally been elected. On Tuesday, a Presidential Style debate was held in Teviot Debating Hall, where each candidate was questioned as to their policies. While some came across better than others, everyone fought their side well. There was then some last minute leafleting and publicity before voting took place over Wednesday and Thursday. This election has been particularly notable as one of the most publicised across campus in recent years. In fact, it has gained one of the highest turnouts across universities in the UK. Over 6500 students voted on March 4th and 5th, around 2000 more than took part in the voting process last year.

While the full list of elected candidates will be announced soon, the sabbatical positions have been released.

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Thomas Graham gained the position of EUSA President, beating second place Liz Rawlings by 227 votes. Thomas’ strong showing under the pressure of a live interview with the Fresh Air News Team last Sunday was undoubtedly a factor.  As the only candidate prepared to face the live show, his case was strengthened significantly.  While Thomas and Liz received votes well over 2000, none of the other candidates had such significant support.

Evan Beswick beat Robert Jenkins to become the new Vice President of Academic Affairs with 2508 votes against 1663. Simon Kirkland lost by 845 votes to James Wallace for the place of Vice President of Services. Camilla Pierry was elected unopposed as the Vice President of Societies and Activities, after Louise Fellows pulled out from the campaigning.

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