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comment by Anna Fenton, Assistant Head of News

The 2009 EUSA elections have been high-spirited and as always, competition has been fierce. Using all media at their disposal, including Youtube, newspapers, blogs, and our very own Fresh Air, it has been a pitched battle to see who has got what it takes. After weeks of campaigning, debates and stress for all involved, the votes have been counted and results for the 2009 EUSA election are in. The results for the four sabbatical positions are as follows:

Sunday Review interviewee Thomas Graham beat Liz Rawlings for the position of President with 2533 votes to 2306.

Evan Beswick was elected Vice President Academic Affairs with 2508 votes to Robert Jenkins 1663 votes.

James Wallace was elected Vice President Services with 2766 votes to Simon Kirklands 1613 votes.

Camilla Pierry was elected unopposed after Louise Fellows withdrew her nomination.

This years election really seemed to draw the interest of the student body, with over 6500 students voting, an increase of over 2000 students from last year. Apparently this is one of the largest votes for a student election in the UK, but one can’t help but wonder what happened to the many thousands of students who simply didn’t bother to cast a vote. The question on everybody’s lips now is whether the elected candidates can deliver the idealistic claims that got them into office. Watch this space.

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