Awards Success for FreshAir

After a busy summer of editing audio, drafting written entries and swearing at the awards uploader (So. Slow.), we at FreshAir were delighted to receive 2 nominations in the Student Radio Awards’ Best Event or Outside Broadcast Category at the nominations party in October, and even more excited to travel to London and be part of the huge awards night at the O2.

For the uninitiated, the Student Radio Awards (SRAs) are the Oscars of the student radio calendar, with keen student presenters, producers and general radio nerds gathering in London for a star-studded awards ceremony and afterparty every year. Past winners include Greg James and Jen Long, and have gone onto have really successful careers both in front of and behind the microphone. For a relatively small (and relatively poor) station far away from the epicentre of radio activity in London, 2 nominations was a huge achievement for us and we made our way to London with a reserved kind of excitement, reminding each other how great it was just to be nominated…

Our category was the first of the night so after a slap-up meal and a performance from some feathered showgirls (the theme was Vegas), Greg James and Dave Berry kicked off the awards ceremony for us to find out we’d won Bronze for our sabbatical debates, EdQT, and consequently drink a lot more throughout the rest of the awards. All except our esteemed Head of Advertising and Fundraising Alasdair Keane who remained glued to his seat in anticipation of JLS’ Marvin Humes presenting the Best Female Award (not really. But he was pretty excited to see Marvin.)

Other highlights included confusing Scott Mills by inventing a new FreshAir ‘F’ hand signal on the spot (don’t ask), and our Head of Marketing Emma interrogating Radio 1’s Danny Howard about his plans for the night. In fact, the DJs present didn’t get off lightly with Emma at all - she was pretty unhappy with Tim Westwood for cutting ‘Bump ‘n’ Grind’ after one verse to say the least.

The SRAs were a great night for FreshAir, not only in our amazing achievement of Bronze, but in getting to catch up with old faces from the station as well as some top DJs and industry experts. We’d like to extend a massive thank you to everyone involved for a really lovely night and hope to see everyone there again next year - hopefully with awards in hand again!

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