FreshAir and Firhill High School

For many years now, FreshAir has been linked to Edinburgh-based charity Waverley Care, an organisation committed to supporting those living with HIV and Hepatitis C. This summer, Waverley Care will be refurbishing their respite centre at Milestone in Oxgangs, a really important project as the centre has been a haven for many, providing respite and support to people who need it.

Each year, second year pupils at Firhill High School in Oxgangs take part in a work experience project where they link up with local businesses and organisations to complete a project over a few days. Waverley Care was one of the chosen organisations this year, and the pupils’ task was to produce a multi-media documentary about Milestone and it’s history and importance - which is where we came in!

We spent two days working with pupils on a podcast for which they interviewed Waverley Care staff, volunteers and service users among others as well as working on production and editing themselves. On the third day, Eve was lucky enough to be invited to a presentation at the school during which all groups presented back on what they worked on for the past few days - she was very impressed with our group’s excellent presentation!

Click here to see the final film!

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