Welcome to our new website!

Hello and welcome to FreshAir’s recently relaunched website!

Thanks to our ever-brilliant webmaster Hayden, we’ve now switched to this new site where you can enjoy all the same FreshAir fun as before but with a cool new look and hopefully an easier layout for you to find everything you’re looking for.

The site is still brand new and we’re continuing to get our heads around everything it does, as well as working on other bits and tweaking existing features, so please bear with us! In the meantime, browse through some of the great content our Arts, News, Music and Events teams have provided, and find out what we’re getting up to under the ‘Station’ tab.

When broadcast launches again in September, there will be lots of new and exciting features that will allow you to listen back to your favourite shows and interact with our presenters more easily, as well as quickly being able to find shows that interest you. We can’t wait!

Until then, have a look round the site and remember to check back in August for our comprehensive Fringe coverage!

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