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If you're a FreshAir member currently watching election time loom and wondering whether you should have a go at getting on the committee, then you are me 2 years ago. So I thought I'd write a quick post that 18 year old me would have appreciated, all about why trying to get a position on the committee is a great decision!

1. Uni Life
Making the most of university is all about getting involved in lots of different activities and societies, and there's no way of being more involved than joining a committee. Extra-curricular activity will make you stand out from other people when you get out into the real world and start applying for jobs. Plus, you'll obviously make a lot of good friends which is always a bonus!

2. You're not restricted to your role
Once you're on the committee, your role is what you make of it. You can do everything that's required of you in that role and just cruise along, or you can get involved in lots of different things and be proactive in coming up with ideas and organising things over and above your role. For instance, when I was Head of Advertising and Fundraising I built up links with STV and local papers, and this year I secured FreshAir a slot on International Radio Day and oversaw our referendum campaigning. In other words, you're not tied to the position you're elected onto – the committee work as a team on all different things!

3. Work Experience
Yes, we're a university society, but we're also a functioning radio station and can provide invaluable experience for those looking to go into media careers. You can bet that all your favourite Radio 1 presenters were involved in their student stations – Ally McCrae was manager of Air3 in Stirling and Greg James won the SRA for Best Male Presenter in 2005. Not only will you get amazing experience just from being involved in the day-to-day running of the station, you'll also be amazed by the opportunities that present themselves, from people getting in touch looking for demos for commercial radio presenters, to live Djing gigs and the chance to visit big stations and have people from those stations come and talk to us.

4. It's rewarding all round
This is the cheesiest but probably most important point. Basically, being on the FreshAir committee has been the best thing I've done at university, no contest – there's nothing better than knowing all your hard work has been worth it when you realise that you've benefitted the members or had a positive impact on the station. I've always known I wanted a career in radio and so I've wanted to be involved in student radio since I was still at school – I can assure you that it's been just as fun and interesting as I hoped!

Basically, if you're thinking about it – do it! All the positions up for grabs can be found here with descriptions about what they do – contact anyone with [position]@freshair.org.uk, for example onair@freshair.org.uk. The majority of positions are decided by elections so you'll be asked to write a short paragraph about why you'd be great for the role, and then you'll make a quick speech in the meeting and answer any questions people have before the present members vote. For technical positions, design and advertising/fundraising, position holders are decided based on an interview. You'll still have to submit a paragraph about why you'd be great but will then be invited to have a chat with the relevant people who will decide the best person for the job. Feel free to get in touch with anyone on the current committee to ask about their position.

I can assure you that if you're thinking about it, you're more than qualified to apply for a committee position – over and above anything else, enthusiasm and commitment are the key things required to be a successful committee member.

Good luck! 

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